Professor Wolfgang Wahlster is the recipient of the ICMI Sustained Accomplishment Award of the ACM, and delivered a keynote entitled "Help me if you can: Towards Multiadaptive Interaction Platforms" at the 18th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI 2016). This prestigious award is given to a senior scientist who has made innovative, long-lasting, and influential contributions to defining the field of multimodal/multimedia interaction, interfaces, and system development. Wolfgang Wahlster's contributions on multimodal architecture and practical multimodal systems are visionary and influenced many follow-up projects. Previous recipients are Sharon Oviatt and Eric Horvitz.

Prof. Louis-Philippe Morency from Carnegie Mellon University and Prof. Wolfgang Wahlster

The ICMI 2016 Award

Professor Wahlster's Keynote Speech


Here you can download the award lecture.


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