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He has published more than 200 technical papers and 15 books on language technology, intelligent user interfaces, and the Internet of things and services.

He is an author, editor, or co-editor of the following books:

Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems

Mařík, V., Wahlster, W., Strassner, Th., Kadera, P. (Eds.) (2017): Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems, Proceeedings of the 8th International Conference, HoloMAS 2017, Lyon, France, August 28-30, 2017, Heidelberg, Springer, 2017. 270 pp

New Horizons for a Data-Driven Economy

Cavanillas, José María, Curry, Edward, Wahlster, Wolfgang (Eds.) (2016): New Horizons for a Data-Driven Economy. A Roadmap for Usage and Exploitation of Big Data in Europe. Springer 2016, 303 pp. (free of charge PDF version)

Intelligente Technologien in der Fabrik

Reinhart, G.; Scholz-Reiter, B.; Wahlster, W.; Wittenstein, M. und Zühlke, D. (eds.) (2015): Intelligente Vernetzung in der Fabrik: Industrie 4.0 Umsetzungsbeispiele für die Praxis. Fraunhofer Verlag, 421 pp.

Theseus Book

Wahlster, W., Grallert, H.-J., Wess, S., Friedrich, H., Widenka, Th. (eds.) (2014): Towards the Internet of Services: The Theseus
Research Program, Berlin Heidelberg New York, Springer 2014, 480 pp.


Wahlster, W. (ed.) (2013): SemProM: Foundations of Semantic Product Memories
for the Internet of Things,
Cognitive Technologies, Springer, Berlin, 2013, 400 pp.

Internet der Dienste

Heuser, L. , Wahlster, W. (eds.) (2011): Internet der Dienste
(acatech DISKUTIERT), Juni 2011, Springer, 176 pp.


Wahlster, W. (ed.) (2006): SmartKom: Foundations of Multimodal Dialogue Systems.
Cognitive Technologies Series, Heidelberg, Germany: Springer, 2006, 644 pp.


Maybury, M., Stock, O., Wahlster, W. (Eds.) (2005): Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment. First International Conference, INTETAIN 2005, Madonna di Campaglio, Italy, November 30 – December 2, 2005, Proceedings,
2005, Berlin, Heidelberg, Springer, 342 pp.


Fensel, D, Hendler, J. Lieberman, H., Wahlster, W. (eds.) (2003): Spinning the Semantic Web. Bringing the World Wide Web to Its Full Potential. Cambridge: MIT
Press 2003, 503 pp.


Wahlster, W. (2000) (ed.): Verbmobil: Foundations of Speech-to-Speech Translation. Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, Barcelona, Hong Kong, London, Milan, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo: July 2000, Springer, 677 pp.


Maybury, M. , Wahlster, W. (eds.) (1998): Readings in Intelligent User Interfaces. San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann, 1998. 736 pp.

User Models in Dialog Systems

Kobsa, A., Wahlster, W. (eds.) (1989): User Models in Dialog Systems. Berlin: Springer, 471 pp.

Computerlinguistik und ihre theoretischen Grundlagen

Batori, I.S., Hahn, U., Pinkal, M., Wahlster, W. (eds.) (1988): Computerlinguistik und ihre theoretischen Grundlagen, Informatik-Fachberichte, 195, Heidelberg: Springer, 218 pp.


Wahlster, W. (1982): GWAI-82: 6th German Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Bad Honnef, Sept. 27- Oct. 1, 1982, Berlin, Heidelberg, Springer, 256 pp.

Natürlichsprachliche Argumentation in Dialogsystemen

Wahlster, W. (1981): Natürlichsprachliche Argumentation in Dialogsystemen: KI-Verfahren zur Rekonstruktion und Erklärung Approximativer Inferenzprozesse,
Informatik-Fachberichte / Subreihe Künstliche Intelligenz,
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 1981, 212 pp.